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forty six

A film by Boise Thomas

Monday October 12, 2015 marks my 46th trip around the sun. As someone who has been in front of cameras, microphones since being a teenager, I've arrived at my highest passion and excitement as a middle aged man still celebrating the young boy inside:  creating educational, inspiring and easy to digest entertainment. On my 44th Bday, I wrote and performed a 3 hour one man show (a bucket list) with stand up, live music, storytelling and roasting and burning my old life to the ground (watch HERE on Vimeo). 

Monday October 12, 2015 I will release a film created in keeping my promise to perform a show on my birthday every even year.  It will be $4.46 and a portion of the proceeds will go to Kiss The Ground, a 501 (c) Non-Profit supporting regenerative agriculture, climate education and empowering California Food Growers to use regenerative practices.

Thank you and I LOVE YOU.


Venice, CA