About me

My shelf in Venice Beach. Buddha. Beastie Boys. Tim Ferriss.

My shelf in Venice Beach. Buddha. Beastie Boys. Tim Ferriss.


ABOUT boise

I am an actor, writer and educator. I inspire and participate in peoples growth, healing and learning from life’s challenges.

I am the son of a mother who was a nurse, a grandmother who was a teacher and a father who owned a bar.  So… I became an actor.

I was lucky to begin work as a terrestrial radio DJ at age 15 and produce NBC-TV sports before I could legally buy a drink.  I left school at Syracuse University for Colorado, winning awards at KSPN-FM. I shifted from playing music and reporting sports to traveling the “lower 48” as an AmeriCan Adventures guide and after a brief tour in England as their international tour sales director, I then moved back to Los Angeles to live my childhood dream of being in TV commercials. The success was beyond my imagination, booking 144 TV commercials in 17 years. When not on set, I hosted conferences, lead seminars, trainings and groups for actors and others to find success in their own lives. In 2016 I completed my Bhakti Yoga teacher training with Govind Das in Los Angeles.

Today, I bring my 35 years of experience in entertainment, education and yoga to inspire humans everywhere to live a better life by listening to their heart not their head. For fun I spend two weeks of the year as the Chief Wellness Officer for Node Republik a camp in Black Rock City, Nevada. My first book, “How’s Your Heart?” will be published summer of 2019.

Specialties: Listening, Hosting, Leading Workshops and Retreats, Inspiring Others and Streamlining Systems.